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We are a team of professionals and dreamers, united by the single idea of making Amwork the best All in One Workspace for company management. This is our goal and our life.
Amwork teamAmwork team
Amwork mission

Our mission

Since 2017, we have been involved in implementing various business software solutions, including CRM, warehouse management systems, project management, and more. We realized that there's an excess of time-consuming tools and a plethora of tasks scattered Our primary task is to centralize all work processes in Amwork, thereby increasing productivity and freeing up to 20% of time for other tasks. We aim to develop a single software solution that will replace all others. We are just starting our journey and are deeply grateful to everyone who has joined us on this adventure.

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Amwork is a team of passionate, energetic, and unique individuals, united by the idea of creating the best platform for business management. Join usJoin Us
Amwork worldwide team
Amwork worldwide team

Our Milestones

CRM Integrator.We have implemented CRM for over 500 companies and have been happy...

Understanding.There is an excess of specific, time-consuming tools, and a multitude of tasks scattered across different systems.

First Release.We created the first products on the platform: CRM and Projects.

First Customers.Our initial enthusiastic clients, pleased with the emergence of a platform for managing the entire company.

New Products.Launch of the 'Warehouse' module, Multi-chat, and PBX.

All in One Workspace.Release of a comprehensive All in One Workspace for company management into the market.

To be continuedTogether with you, we will create truly the best platform for business management.

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