Contractor Management Solution

Contractors Management with Amwork
  • Connect with Projects and Deals
  • Manage Contracts
  • Maintain a Contractor Database
  • Automate Processes
  • Access Reports and Dashboards
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Contractors Management with Amwork

Contractor Management – Optimizing Interaction and Workflow

Embrace new capabilities with our contractor management solution, enhancing coordination and project efficiency. Features include project integration, customizable boards, and automation, optimizing contractor management and accelerating workflows.

Manage Contractors with Amwork

Our customers report improved efficiency in managing contractors, thanks to centralized control and process automation.


Reduction in time spent on coordination and contractor management is achieved through project integration and enhanced work interactions.

Time Saving
Speed Up

Using our contractor management solution significantly speeds up decision-making processes and increases customer satisfaction.

Integrated Contractor Management Solution

Our contractor management system offers complete control and transparency over your interactions, ensuring effective management and coordination.

Contractor Management Interface

Popular Features

Connection with Projects and Deals

Enhance coordination and efficiency by integrating contractor management with ongoing projects and deals.

Contractor Database

Centrally manage all information about contractors, ensuring easy access and effective interaction.

Customizable Contractor Boards

Create customizable boards for managing contracts, providing flexibility and convenience in tracking processes.

Customizable Fields in Cards

Personalize contractor cards by customizing fields to display key information.


Automate routine tasks and processes, increasing the efficiency of contractor management.

User Rights

Configure access rights for different user levels, ensuring security and control.


Use integrations with messengers, social networks, and other applications for more efficient interaction and process management

Popular Features

Task Prioritization

Easily set priorities and plan tasks, ensuring critical deadlines are met and resources are optimally allocated.

Notifications and Reminders

Keep your team informed with automated notifications and reminders about upcoming deadlines and important milestones.

File Sharing

Simplify collaboration by exchanging files and managing documents, keeping all project materials in one secure place.

Reports and Dashboard

Receive detailed reports and visualizations for in-depth analysis and improvement of contractor management.

Email Integration

Ensure effective communication with contractors by integrating with your email service.

Corporate Multi Messenger

Accelerate communication and information exchange with the built-in chat feature.

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Customized Implementation

Every business is unique, and our approach is personalized. We work closely with you to customize the implementation of Amwork specifically for your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your processes.

Technical Support

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