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Alpha CRM | Amwork
  • Customizable Sales Pipelines and Fields
  • Automating sales processes
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Document Generation
  • Integration with Inventory and All Platform Products
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Alpha CRM | Amwork

Alpha CRM is precisely the tool that will help make your sales process maximally efficient and comfortable. It offers the ability to search, track, and close deals in one convenient and powerful platform.

With Alpha CRM, making deals becomes a simple and effortless process, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your clients


Of users noted the ease of use and training compared to other CRMs.


On average increases conversion to sales in small businesses.

Time Saving

Less time is required for the sales team to process deals in Mywork.

Sales Pipeline – visualizing your path to success

Your business will thrive if you set the right goals and can forecast revenues. Amwork's integrated reporting and analytics tools will help you effectively predict revenue, ensuring transparency and predictability in your income streams.

CRM | Amwork

Popular Features

Customizable Sales Pipeline

Configure your sales pipeline to best match the unique characteristics of your business. Add individual stages and fields that will help you better track the progress of a deal

Corporate Chat

Collaborate with your team to achieve success in every deal and task. Share sales updates and celebrate your collective victories

Task and Activity Reminders

Set up notifications for all your tasks and keep track of each deal's progress, ensuring you don't miss any important moments

Lead Segmentation - Your Path to Personalization

Filter, classify, and segment leads to create targeted lists for personalized communication

Contact History - Complete Control and Transparency

Have all the information on calls, emails, meetings, and notes associated with each deal and contact at your fingertips


Automate workflows, task creation, activity scheduling, status changes, message sending, and much more. This allows you to focus your attention on key business aspects, enhance customer interaction efficiency, and ultimately speed up the deal-closing process

Reports and dashboard

Introducing an unprecedented feature, our dashboard with a traffic light system - showing today's plan fulfillment, sales managers' rankings, and much more

Reports & Dashboard

Popular Features

PBX & Telephony

Save time with efficient management of your daily calls, call from a web browser with automatic recording in Mywork. Keep organized records of customer communications with MyCall

Email Service

Integrate email with Mywork and send emails directly from the client card or email service interface. Correspondence is saved and displayed in reports. Set up email marketing to work with your customer base from the system

Schedule meetings

Schedule meetings directly in Amwork from the client's card or work within the visits calendar interface. All appointments with specialists are easily accessible and manageable

File Storage

Upload your files to client cards and store everything in one place, ensuring all files are always readily available when you need them

Document Generation

You can create new documents for your clients with just one click and send ready-made commercial proposals, contracts, invoices, and acts

Linked Business Processes

Continue working with the client after the sale, transform a lead into a project, supplier, or contractor, and manage all business processes seamlessly


Use integrations with messengers, social networks, and other applications for more efficient interaction and process management

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