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  • Deep Integration with CRM
  • Calls from Deals and Projects
  • Call Logging in Cards
  • Advanced Call Analytics
  • Call Monitoring
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Telephony | Amwork

Telephony and PBX in the Amwork Workspace

Transform your business with our PBX and Telephony services. Enjoy call integration with deals, effective tracking through reports, and quality control of conversations. Automate deal creation, manage missed calls, and prevent data duplication. Flexible integration with operators and ease of managing duplicates. All to enhance the efficiency of your business.

PBX % Telephony

of our customers note that our interface is much more intuitive and user-friendly compared to other market solutions.


of users confirm an increase in the efficiency of managing calls and customer inquiries.

Time Saving

of our customers report a significant reduction in missed calls and "forgotten" customers.

Innovative PBX for CRM

Our cutting-edge PBX solution offers powerful and intuitive tools for call management. It ensures complete control over phone calls, integration with CRM, and real-time analytics, enhancing efficiency and improving customer service.

PBX | Amwork

Popular Features

Calls from Deals

Make calls directly from deals to optimize communication.

Call Reports

Receive detailed call reports for effective performance tracking.

Call Monitoring

Control and review calls to ensure quality and compliance with standards.

Auto-Creation of Deals from Calls

Automatically create deals from incoming calls, enhancing lead management efficiency.

Tasks for Missed Calls

Automate tasks for missed calls to ensure no opportunity is missed.

Duplicate Control

Effectively manage and prevent contact duplication for cleaner data and increased efficiency.

Calls by Responsible Party

Receive calls according to the responsible parties for deals and projects.

Number Purchasing

Easily purchase and manage multiple phone numbers directly within the system.

Integration with Any Operator

Integrate with various telecom operators.


Use integrations with messengers, social networks, and other applications for more efficient interaction and process management

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Every business is unique, just like our approach. We work with you to tailor Amwork to your specific needs, ensuring the smooth operation of your processes.

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Issues or questions? Our support team is always available to provide quick and effective assistance at any moment.

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