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Hiring Software by Amwork
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Hiring Software by Amwork

Effective Hiring

Explore our hiring software, crafted to optimize the hiring process. This comprehensive system boasts a robust candidate database, customizable boards and lists, detailed candidate profiles, seamless response integration, and advanced process automation. Designed to simplify recruitment tasks, our system significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of candidate selection.

Hiring Software by Amwork

Our customers report improvements in the hiring process, thanks to an enhanced candidate management system and task automation within our hiring software.


The time taken for candidate sourcing and assessment is significantly reduced, achieved through efficient process organization and integration with web-based hiring services.

Time Saving

Utilizing our hiring software greatly accelerates the candidate selection and approval process.

Hiring Software Solution

Our hiring software provides an intuitive and functional overview of all candidates, ensuring seamless tracking and efficient organization throughout the hiring process.

Hiring solution by Amwork Interface

Popular Features

Candidate Database

Efficiently manage and analyze a comprehensive database of candidates to ensure effective hiring.

Tasks and Reminders

Streamline recruitment tasks and set reminders to enhance the efficiency of the selection process.

Customizable Boards and Lists

Develop and tailor boards and lists for easy management of hiring processes and candidate tracking.

Candidate Profiles

Access detailed profiles of candidates, showcasing their skills, experience, and recruitment status.

Response Integration

Employ a browser extension to seamlessly integrate candidates from any web-based hiring services.


Automate routine hiring tasks to boost efficiency and minimize the time spent on data processing.


Use integrations with messengers, social networks, and other applications for more efficient interaction and process management

Popular Features

User Permissions

Set up access rights for various user levels to maintain security and control over critical information.

Reports and Dashboard

Generate comprehensive reports and visualizations for a thorough analysis of the hiring process and to facilitate informed decision-making.

Mail Integration

Enhance communication with candidates by integrating the system with your email service.

Amwork is Ready for Use, But We're Always With You

Comprehensive Training

Embark on your journey with Amwork with confidence. We provide thorough training to ensure you and your team can maximize the benefits of every feature.

Custom Implementation

Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, we offer a personalized approach. Our team collaborates with you to customize the implementation of Amwork, aligning it precisely with your specific needs and processes.

Technical Support

Facing a challenge or have a query? Our dedicated technical support team is always on standby, prepared to offer swift and efficient help whenever you need it.

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