What is Amwork?

Amwork is the world's first super platform, designed to fully satisfy business needs with functional tools for effective company management.
What is Amwork | Amwork

Amwork is the world's first super platform, designed to fully satisfy business needs with functional tools for effective company management. Amwork's standout feature is its ability to create a unique workspace using a No-Code builder, which includes CRM products, project management, warehouse management, goods and services management, HR, supplier and contractor management, and other functional products essential for successful business operations.

Imagine having all company processes in one software suite; what was once impossible is now within reach.

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The Problem Solved by Amwork

Drawing from seven years of experience in CRM system integration, I discovered that over 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises face the challenge of lacking a universal software solution that encompasses all business processes. In executing more than five hundred CRM implementation projects, I identified a client need for managing not just customers, but also suppliers, contractors, projects, and other business processes that standard CRM systems do not support.

Companies facing this issue are forced to use multiple disparate programs, leading to integration difficulties and data loss. Creating custom software solutions or modifying existing ones is costly and often fails to deliver the desired outcome.

Pain Points for Companies

  • The lack of a single software solution to manage all business processes.

  • Business processes scattered across various applications.

  • Loss of information and details when using different applications.

  • The need to pay for 5-15 different applications.

  • Absence of a unified reporting system and dashboard for the entire company.

Solution to the Problem

Amwork was developed in response to market challenges and the business need for a unified system to manage all business processes. It offers companies the ability to create a unique workspace for all business processes by selecting the necessary functional products and linking them together, all without requiring programming knowledge and with minimal time investment.

Many top managers and business owners, who have experienced all the aforementioned problems, have expressed enthusiasm upon starting to use Amwork. You can avoid the mistakes of your peers and immediately benefit from the super platform Amwork.

What Functional Products are Available in Amwork?

Alpha CRM — Your Sales Assistant

Alpha CRM encompasses everything needed for successful sales: deals, leads, sales funnels, automation, integrated communication channels (telephony, corporate chat, messengers, and social networks), document generation (invoices, acts, contracts), and much more.

Alpha CRM

Project Management — Everything Under Control

The project management system allows for the creation of boards with projects, where all company projects are displayed. Within each project card, you can enter all the project information, assign a responsible person and participants, create tasks, and monitor their completion.

Amwork Project Management

Warehouse for Goods Sales — Optimizing Your Business

The warehouse management system is suitable for wholesale and retail trade, online stores, manufacturing, or construction. We offer the ability to configure multiple warehouses and set up a warehouse keeper's working mode.

Amwork Warehouse Management

Rental Management — Your Reliable Assistant

For businesses involved in rentals, we have developed a specialized product. This product features a rental calendar and reservation of goods, as well as statuses for items: available, reserved, and rented.

Amwork Rental Management

Supplier and Contractor Management — A Reliable Partner in Working with Counterparties

The supplier and contractor management system is your tool for efficient dealings with counterparties. All orders and suppliers are represented on a board, allowing you to see the status of each order and manage them in one place. You can create contact groups for suppliers and contractors, as well as add them to orders.

Amwork Supplier and Providers Management

Appointment Scheduling

The functional Appointment Scheduling helps you plan and monitor all client visits.

Amwork Appointment Scheduler

Hiring — Find the Ideal Candidate

An effective tool for organizing staff recruitment, including a board with candidate statuses and a database of employees.

Email — Communicate Without Boundaries

A fully functional solution for synchronizing your email, with the capability to save emails in cards and the option to create tasks or contacts directly from messages.

Corporate Multi-Messenger

A universal solution for team chats, group discussions of clients and projects, individual messages, integration with messengers and social networks, and much more.

PBX and Telephony

An internal PBX system for integrating any operator, retaining existing numbers or acquiring new ones, with the capability to make calls through Amwork and save them in cards, including call analytics.

Additional Features

The super platform also includes functions such as task and activity management, document generation, process automation, reports, and analytics for all departments, and much more.

Amwork is your reliable partner in business management, offering convenient and effective solutions for every process of your activity.

Consolidated Reports and Analytics

Modern business demands timely and relevant information for making informed decisions. An important part of this process is analytics and reporting. With Amwork, companies gain the ability to collect and analyze data on all business processes within a single application.

Thus, managers receive consolidated reports for the entire company, which acts as a kind of magic tool. This allows them to see the full picture and quickly respond to changes within the company and the external environment.

Amwork Reports and Analytics

Consolidated Analytics and Reporting Across the Company Provide Managers with the Following Opportunities and Advantages:

  • Transparency: Managers see the full picture of all processes and can easily identify weak areas and zones of efficiency.

  • Time-saving: All information is collected in one place, significantly reducing the time spent on searching and analyzing data.

  • Informed Decisions: With timely and accurate information, managers can make more informed decisions that contribute to company growth.

  • Forecasting: Using analytics, managers can anticipate future trends and adapt to them in advance.

  • Increased Efficiency: Optimizing business processes based on data analysis leads to an overall increase in company efficiency.

  • Profit Growth: Through more effective management and sound strategic decisions, a company can increase its profitability.

  • Competitive Advantage: Quick adaptation to changes and effective process management make the company more competitive in the market.

Thus, the consolidated analytics and reporting in Amwork provide managers with a powerful tool for managing the company, enhancing its efficiency, and achieving strategic goals.

Cost Savings with Amwork

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Therefore, on average, without using Amwork, a company would spend between $85 to $270 per month per user for all these systems.

Now let's calculate the annual savings using Amwork, priced at $19 per month per user:

$19 × 12 = $228 per year
(per user for Amwork)
$85 × 12 = $1020 per year
(per user without using Amwork, in the most optimistic case)
$270 × 12 = $3240 per year
(per user without using Amwork, in the most pessimistic case)
Thus, the annual savings per user range from $792 to $3012 by using Amwork instead of separate systems. This represents significant savings for any company, regardless of its size.

By using the single super platform Amwork, a company gains the following advantages:

  • Centralization of Information: All data is stored in one place, simplifying the search for necessary information and reducing the time spent switching from one application to another.

  • Reduced Training Time: Employees only need to learn how to work with the Amwork interface, rather than understanding the functionality of various applications.

  • Improved Compatibility and Integration: All modules and features in Amwork are initially designed to work with each other, eliminating integration and compatibility issues with different applications.

  • Easier Communication: All communications take place in one location, which speeds up information exchange and facilitates collaborative work on projects.

Now let's consider the situation where an employee uses multiple different applications:

  • Attention Dispersion: Switching from one application to another takes time and reduces concentration.

  • Information Loss: The possibility of losing important data when transitioning between applications.

  • Collaboration Difficulties: The absence of a unified platform hinders information exchange and collaborative work on projects.

  • Inefficient Use of Time: Employees spend time searching for the necessary information, which may be scattered across various applications.

Let's analyze how the use of multiple applications affects employee work efficiency

Switching Between Applications:

Time: On average, an employee spends about 5 minutes switching from one application to another and searching for the necessary information.

Per Day: 50 minutes.
(with 10 switches)
Per Week: 200 minutes
(over 3 hours)
Per Month: 12 hours.
Per Year: 144 hours.
(almost 18 full working days)

Eliminating Data Duplication:

Time spent on synchronizing and verifying data across different systems also increases the workload.

  • Data Security: Working with multiple applications increases the risk of confidential information leakage.

  • Technical Support: Supporting and updating various systems require significant time and financial resources from the IT department.

Calculating Company Losses Due to Employee Downtime:

$20 per hour
Average Employee Rate
144 hours × $20 = $2,880
Annual Loss per Employee
Savings on missed hours: $2,880
Earning with Amwork

With a 20% increase in work efficiency, the annual contribution of one employee to the company's revenue increases by $16,000 per year (based on a total contribution of $80,000 per year).

Total savings and revenue per employee: $2,880 + $16,000 = $18,880 per year.

Net Profit for the Company from Using Amwork: $18,880 per user, per year.

If you have more, calculate how much you are losing and how much you could earn by using Amwork.


Using the super platform Amwork is a step towards creating your unique working world, where every process and tool is at your fingertips, all in one place. This convenience saves you from wasting time switching between applications and systems, allowing you to focus on what's important – completing your work tasks.

Furthermore, using Amwork represents significant financial resource savings. You won't need to purchase separate subscriptions for CRM, project management systems, warehouse management, or corporate chat.

But that's not all. Utilizing a unified workspace enhances the efficiency of every employee, which in turn contributes to increasing the company's profits.

Amwork is your reliable partner in company management, helping you reach new heights.

Register for Amwork and see for yourself, or request a consultation to learn more about how Amwork can be beneficial specifically for your business.


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