Integrated Corporate Email for Workspace

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  • Email Integration
  • Automated Mailing
  • Deal Creation from incoming emails
  • Mails from Deals and Projects
  • Task Creation from Emails
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Email | Amwork

Advanced Corporate Email for Workspace

Discover our corporate email solution that offers complete integration of any email, automated mailing, and convenient access rights management. Our solution enables you to send emails directly from deal and project cards, automatically create contact and deal cards from incoming messages, and generate tasks from emails.

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Our users report a significant simplification of their workflows due to the integration of email with other business tools.


Teams using our email solution increase their productivity by automating routine tasks.

Time Saving
Speed Up

Utilizing our email management tool accelerates the processing of incoming inquiries and enhances communication efficiency.

Smart Email Solution

Our email solution integrates with your projects and deals, ensuring efficient interaction and process automation to enhance organization and productivity.

Email | Amwork

Popular Features

Integration of Your Email

Easily integrate any email, ensuring centralized management of your electronic mail.

User Rights

Configure access rights for different users, ensuring security and control over corporate email.

Automated Mailing

Simplify the mailing process with automation, saving time and enhancing communication efficiency.

Emails from Deals and Projects

Directly send emails from deal and project cards, improving communication management and work processes.

Deal Creation

Automatically create contact and deal cards from incoming emails, speeding up processing and managing client data.

Task Creation from Emails

Transform incoming emails into tasks with a single click, improving organization and tracking of work processes.


Use integrations with messengers, social networks, and other applications for more efficient interaction and process management

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Comprehensive Training

Start working with Amwork confidently. We offer comprehensive training so you and your team can utilize every feature.

Customized Implementation

Every business is unique, and our approach is personalized. We work closely with you to customize the implementation of Amwork specifically for your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your processes.

Technical Support

Encountered a problem? Have a question? Our technical support team is always available, ready to provide you with prompt and effective assistance whenever needed.

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