Analyzing Market Potential: 10 Vital Factors

Explore the essential checklist for evaluating market potential and make informed decisions when entering new markets with insights from seasoned entrepreneur Josh Kaufman.
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When venturing into a new market, thorough research is essential. To assess the potential of a market, it's crucial to consider the “10 Ways to Evaluate a Market” checklist. Josh Kaufman, an experienced entrepreneur, provides valuable insights into this framework for evaluating market attractiveness:

1. Urgency: Consider the immediate need or desire for your offering. For instance, streaming a new blockbuster film on its opening night versus renting an old classic film.

2. Market Size: Examine the size of the potential customer base. Think of the difference between niche markets like underwater basket weaving courses and vast markets like healthcare.

3. Pricing Potential: Evaluate the highest price consumers are willing to pay for your solution. Compare lollipop prices to the cost of aircraft carriers.

4. Cost of Customer Acquisition: Analyze the ease and expense of acquiring new customers. A roadside diner may spend less on customer acquisition than a government contractor.

5. Cost of Value Delivery: Calculate the expenses and effort required to create and deliver your offering. Compare digital file delivery to building a manufacturing facility.

6. Uniqueness of Offer: Assess how distinctive your product or service is and its susceptibility to competition. Think of the difference between hair salons and private space travel providers.

7. Speed to Market: Determine how quickly you can bring your product or service to market. Selling a service like lawn mowing is quicker than establishing a bank.

8. Up-Front Investment: Estimate the initial capital required before you can start selling. Cleaning products for housekeeping versus investments in gold mining equipment provide contrasting examples.

9. Up-Sell Potential: Explore opportunities to offer complementary products or services to existing customers. Think of razors and shaving cream or Frisbees and replacements.

10. Evergreen Potential: Consider the ongoing effort needed to sustain your business after the initial launch. Business consulting demands continuous work, while a book can generate sales indefinitely.

After assessing each factor, assign a score between 0 and 10 for each, with 0 being unattractive and 10 highly attractive. Sum the scores. If your total is 50 or less, it's advisable to explore other opportunities. A score of 75 or above indicates a promising idea worth pursuing vigorously. Scores between 50 and 75 signify potential with adequate resource allocation.

Remember, diligent market evaluation is a pivotal step in your entrepreneurial journey, guiding your allocation of energy and resources effectively.


Oliver Grand

Oliver Grand


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