Elevating Your Sales Game

LESSON #4: Strategies for Expanding Your Sales Opportunities
Elevating Your Sales Game | Amwork

You've laid a solid foundation, meticulously crafted a well-segmented sales pipeline, and now it's time to supercharge your sales efforts. This article marks the beginning of a four-part series that will introduce you to the four pivotal levers of pipeline flow. These levers hold the key to securing more deals, larger deals, increasing your conversion rates, and achieving all of this in less time.


In this installment, we'll explore the various methods for injecting vitality into your pipeline by introducing new conversations.

Pipeline Lever 1: Fueling Your Sales Pipeline with Fresh Conversations

As with the rest of the principles in this book, there's no magic wand, secret formula, or convoluted technique required to procure more deals. It's refreshingly simple: to yield more deals at the end of your sales pipeline, you need to inject more conversations at the front end.

3 Key Steps to Sustain a Robust Sales Pipeline Flow:

1. Set Clear Goals: Establish a daily or weekly target for adding new prospects to your pipeline. Consider our experience—our sales teams set a weekly goal of identifying 10 new sales opportunities. In just two months, this practice translated into substantial revenue growth. The timeline may vary depending on your sales cycle, but the key is consistency. Make building your prospect list an unbroken habit, much like comedian Jerry Seinfeld's “don't break the chain” method for productivity.

2. Creative Outreach: Embrace creativity in your list-building efforts. While following up with inbound leads and cold calling from purchased lists are effective strategies, diversify your approach to maintain a steady influx of prospects. Here are some inventive ideas to enrich your list:

  • Request Referrals: Ask your existing customers and even prospects who didn't convert for referrals. Every “no” can be a stepping stone to expand your pipeline.
  • Reconnect: Revisit your contact list, including individuals you haven't spoken with in three to six months, including those who initially declined. Circumstances change, and a fresh conversation can lead to opportunities.
  • Stay Informed: Keep tabs on your contacts' activities. Significant events, like job changes, can serve as a catalyst for reconnecting. Tools like Robuzz can assist in tracking mentions of your contacts in the news.
  • Transform Serendipity into Strategy: Opportunities are often right under your nose. As you engage with media or travel to meetings, pay attention to TV programs, newspaper articles, or signs that could lead to valuable contacts.

3. Continuous Opportunity Hunt: Cultivate a habit of continually seeking new sales prospects to populate your pipeline. This unwavering and systematic approach is one of the four levers to maximize the benefits of your pipeline management endeavors. In the forthcoming article, we will delve into the second lever: the art of expanding revenues through securing larger deals.

By following these strategies, you will activate your sales channel, ensuring that it remains dynamic and responsive to your efforts, which will eventually lead to even greater success on your sales path. Move on to the next lesson, where we will look at the second lever to raise your sales to new heights.

Matteo Bianchi

Matteo Bianchi


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