How Life Can Transform

Brian Acton - from the beginning of the job search to the sale of $ 19 billion.
How Life Can Transform | Amwork

His 11-year tenure at Yahoo, where he had taken on various engineering roles, had reached its conclusion. During this transitional period, he actively engaged in networking activities, connecting with recruiters, venture capitalists, and even indulging in a game of ultimate frisbee.

In his pursuit, Acton encountered Twitter, but their response was a resounding “no.” 

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Facebook, too, passed on the opportunity.

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Undeterred, Acton teamed up with Jan Koum, a fellow Yahoo alumnus, to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Fast forward to today, and their entrepreneurial endeavor has culminated in a staggering 19 billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook.

Life has a remarkable way of taking unexpected turns.

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson


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