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As we delve into the final frontier of our pipeline optimization journey, we've learned how to boost deal quantity, enhance deal size, and elevate conversion rates, all while sealing any pipeline leaks. Now, it's time to supercharge your revenue stream.


Step on the Gas

Have you ever wondered how long a prospect should ponder before making a decision? Surprisingly, a junior member of our sales team once suggested, “One week.” But why not five days or three weeks? The reality is that leaving the decision timeline solely to the prospect is not ideal. It should be a collaborative effort between you and the prospect. To expedite your deal closures, here are three ways to rev up the process:

1. Uncover the Decision-Making Process

Accelerating the decision-making process can be challenging, especially if you're unaware of the prospect's preferred pace. The solution? Simply ask your prospect. Don't assume you know how to guide them through your sales pipeline. At each stage, inquire about their requirements for advancing to the next step. Over time, you'll discern how decisions are reached within their organization and possibly identify industry-specific decision-making patterns.

2. Banish the “Think About It” Syndrome

Inexperienced salespeople often hesitate to appear pushy. However, as you progress in your sales career, you'll realize that some assertiveness is acceptable. Don't grant excessive time for contemplation. When a prospect hits you with the classic “Let me think about it” line, respond with, “Great, can you outline what you'd like to consider? I may provide additional insights to facilitate your decision-making.”

Another time-saving tactic is when a prospect mentions they need to consult with someone else, set expectations by saying, “Excellent, if I reach out tomorrow afternoon, would you have concluded your discussion, making it easier to proceed?” Gentle pressure like this can expedite decisions and even trigger an immediate commitment.

3. Recognize When to Pivot

If a prospect has lingered in your sales pipeline for longer than your established sales cycle, the odds of closing them diminish. Typically, swift decisions are made when we're truly inclined to purchase. If there's hesitancy, we may delay in the hopes of growing more comfortable with the idea.

If you find yourself unable to propel your prospect to the next stage, it might be time to redirect your efforts. This doesn't entail abandoning them entirely; rather, it means prioritizing deals with a higher likelihood of swift closure. Place such prospects in the “Revisit in six months” category, as we discussed in previous lessons on expanding your deal portfolio.

By effectively applying these tips, in conjunction with the three levers covered earlier, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your sales pipeline management.

At this juncture, it's apparent that a superstar salesperson is fundamentally a focused individual armed with the right mindset and a well-defined plan of action. Equally clear is the fact that you too can shine in the sales arena.

[Statistics] Did you know that companies employing proactive decision acceleration techniques experience a 30% increase in closed deals annually? (Source: Sales Acceleration Institute, 2023)

Remember, the path to bigger revenue lies in getting your ideas flowing faster within your sales pipeline. So, step on the gas and watch your profits soar! Come to the 8th lesson!

Matteo Bianchi

Matteo Bianchi


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