Essential Reading for Entrepreneurs: 34 Must-Read Business Articles

Entrepreneurs can access a wealth of small business advice from various sources, including journals, business magazines, and blogs.
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To simplify your search, we've curated a list of the 34 best business articles. These articles cover a wide range of topics, from business management to finding the motivation to persevere. Whether you're looking for business news, management insights, or motivation, these articles have got you covered.

Must-Read Business Articles for Entrepreneurs

1. “50 Indications That You Possess the Entrepreneurial Spirit”

Are you driven by an entrepreneurial spirit? Unlock your potential as a small business owner. Understand the qualities that define entrepreneurs and can help you realize your entrepreneurial vocation.

2. “Why the expression“Don't take it personally” as a working advice is a mistake”

This piece offers indispensable advice for entrepreneurs aiming to cultivate engaged employees and build thriving businesses while fostering a sense of personal pride in their work.

3. “Entrepreneurship Knows No Age: Inspiring Stories”

The notion that entrepreneurship is reserved for young tech-savvy individuals, as perpetuated by media portrayals, is debunked in this enlightening infographic. Entrepreneurs span various age groups and backgrounds, emphasizing that you're never too old to embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

4. “Mastering Disruptive Change: A Manager's Challenge”

Every growing small business encounters growth-related challenges. This article assists business owners in recognizing the need for change and equips them with strategies to manage disruptions effectively.

5. “The Essential Qualities of a Leader”

A prominent business article that sheds light on leadership qualities. Establishing and expanding a business is one thing; however, leading and managing employees after gaining valuable experience demands distinct skills. If you aspire to become a more effective leader within your small business, this article is a valuable resource.

6. “Debunking the Myth: Why 'The Customer Is Always Right' Is Flawed”

As a small business owner engaged in customer interactions, this article is essential reading. It not only questions customer-centric approaches but also highlights the potential negative impact on your employees, encouraging a more balanced perspective.

7. “Rediscover Your Creative Confidence”

Creativity is a coveted trait among business leaders, as evidenced by a recent IBM survey. Yet, as a business owner immersed in daily operations, you may sideline your creative, visionary ideas. This article serves as a catalyst for reigniting your creative spirit, a driving force behind business innovation and progress.

8. “Richard Branson's Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: Mastering Risk-Taking”

Article features renowned entrepreneur Richard Branson, who encourages young aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome the inherent risks of starting a business. Branson emphasizes the need to take action and not be paralyzed by fear of failure. His message underscores the importance of resilience and learning from setbacks, inspiring entrepreneurs to take the plunge and pursue their dreams.

9. “The Unconventional Qualities of Inspirational Leadership”

This insightful article unveils four unconventional traits that distinguish exceptional business owners—qualities that may not have crossed your mind before. If you seek business articles that not only encourage self-reflection on your leadership style but also offer actionable steps for improvement, this piece is indispensable.

10. “Identifying and Changing Toxic Behaviors Affecting Relationships and Success”

If you've noticed a high employee turnover rate or struggle to retain loyal customers, it's time to explore. This article sheds light on behaviors that may be driving employees, partners, and customers away from your business. It not only identifies these detrimental habits but also provides concrete steps for self-improvement.

11. “Mastering Self-Management for Success in the Knowledge Economy”

Discover how to make your most significant contribution to your business, organization, or community by uncovering your fundamental strengths. This article guides you in becoming more effective in all your endeavors.

12. “Unlocking Mental Strength: Avoiding Common Pitfalls for Success”

Clinical social worker Amy Morin offers an accurate list of behaviors to steer clear of if you aspire to be a better leader. This article helps you identify counterproductive thoughts and actions that might be hindering both your personal growth and your business progress. It's a valuable resource for self-improvement.

13. “Effective Ways to Motivate and Recognize Employees”

This article exposes common misconceptions about motivating your top performers that, in reality, lead to demotivation. Through a study on employee incentives at five commercial businesses, this article reveals surprising findings. For example, the “Employee of the Month” award program may not be as effective as you think. Explore the article to understand the subtle dynamics of employee motivation.

14. “Why Google Prioritizes Skills Over College Degrees: 5 Key Insights”

This article reveals that Google prioritizes skills, talent, and determination over traditional expertise or academic degrees when selecting employees. As Chane Steiner, CEO of Crediful, aptly questions, when every applicant excels academically, does a college degree hold the same significance? It underscores the importance of evaluating applicants based on their capabilities rather than their educational backgrounds, making it a valuable resource for small business owners seeking top talent.

15. “Effective Leadership Roles in Family Businesses: A Blueprint for Success”

Managing a family-owned business can be exceptionally complex, as personal and professional realms intertwine. This series addresses the unique challenges and strategies required for effectively handling family-owned enterprises.

16. “How Life Can Transform”

Despite its brevity, “How Life Can Transform” is a source of inspiration for discouraged entrepreneurs. Greg Kumparak summarizes the entrepreneurial journey in just three tweets from Brian Acton, WhatsApp's co-founder. These tweets capture the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship, reminding you that challenges and change are inherent to the entrepreneurial path.

17. “The Emotional Toll of Entrepreneurship: A Closer Look at the Mental Health Challenges”

Running your own business can be isolating and mentally taxing, making it crucial to prioritize your mental well-being. Advice provides valuable preparation for the emotional challenges of entrepreneurship.

18. “8 Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Must Dodge”

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, it's easy to fall into common pitfalls. This article offers practical guidance on avoiding errors such as rapid growth and ignoring valuable advice. It serves as a valuable resource to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate their startup journey with greater success.

19. “The Power of Solo Entrepreneurship: Surprising Insights from a Study of 3,526 Companies”

An article titled “The Power of Solo Entrepreneurship: Surprising Insights from a Study of 3,526 Companies” explores the research methodology and highlights the advantages of going solo in entrepreneurship. It provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs considering their leadership approach.

20. “Valuable Insights for Recent College Graduates from CEOs”

“Valuable Insights for Recent College Graduates from CEOs” compiles valuable insights from CEOs that are applicable not only to recent graduates but also to new entrepreneurs embarking on their careers. Both groups face the challenge of starting a new chapter, and the advice featured in this article can benefit them alike. Traits like listening, patience, and adaptability are emphasized by the CEOs, drawing from their extensive experience and leadership journeys.

21. “7 Essential Insights for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs — Empower Your Journey”

This article draws upon advice from Tiffany Pham, CEO, and founder of the woman-powered app Mogul. Her advice, rooted in her experiences and lessons learned, is tailored to support female entrepreneurs. For a more comprehensive understanding, her book titled “You Are a Mogul: How to Do the Impossible, Do It Yourself, and Do It Now” provides deeper insights.

22. “Valuable Insights: Advice from Accomplished Entrepreneurs”

Article highlights wisdom shared by CEOs who reflect on their entrepreneurial journeys. Their insights touch on the importance of a strong support network, mental well-being, and the significance of delegating responsibilities to trusted employees. By learning from experienced business owners, this article can help entrepreneurs navigate common challenges and pitfalls with greater confidence.

23. “The Evolution of Hollywood: Navigating an Industry in Flux”

Sam Williamson, owner of Streaming Movies Right, recommends this article as it underscores the impact of convenience on ethics. It serves as a reminder to critically evaluate business dynamics, even when they appear favorable at first glance.

24. “10 Essential Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs”

This article offers valuable preparation for aspiring business owners, helping them navigate their entrepreneurial journey more effectively.

25. “Small Businesses' Costly Marketing Mistakes: Avoiding Financial Pitfalls”

This article recounts marketing mistakes and offers guidance on avoiding similar errors. It serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking to optimize their marketing investments.

26. “Protecting Trade Secrets, Proprietary Info, and Confidential Data | Expert Guide”

We recommend reading this article. We found the clarity and coverage of the legal aspects of this article useful for understanding the importance of cybersecurity in business.

27. “Analyzing Market Potential: 10 Vital Factors”

This checklist aids in determining the overall attractiveness of a new market, serving as a crucial resource for entrepreneurs researching market expansion.

28. “Entrepreneurial Success: Beyond the Brilliant Idea”

Entrepreneurship is primarily about implementation, not just ideas. The article emphasizes the importance of effective implementation of business strategies.

29. “Mastering the Art of Brainstorming, Inspired by Google”

This article offers an insider's perspective on Google's brainstorming process, providing valuable insights for generating innovative ideas in any business.

30. “Navigating the Evolving Business Landscape: Defining Strategy for Success”

The article provides a framework for making strategic decisions applicable to businesses of all sizes and types.

31. “Unlocking Success: The Power of 1,000 True Fans”

This article illuminates the significance of building a dedicated audience.

32. “Unlocking Over 500 Free Tools for Your Startup Journey | Boost Your Business with Valuable Resources”

This comprehensive resource introduces a wide range of tools categorized for various business needs, assisting entrepreneurs in optimizing their operations.

33. “Embracing “You” as Your Brand”

This pioneering piece introduced the concept of personal branding, revolutionizing the way individuals approach their careers and businesses.

34. “The 'Busy' Dilemma”

The article emphasizes the importance of purposeful busyness, highlighting that while entrepreneurs must work diligently, they should prioritize meaningful moments with loved ones. It encourages a balanced approach to life and work.

Absolutely, creating a personalized reference document to capture key takeaways and actionable tips from these articles is an excellent idea. It allows you to distill the wisdom and insights you gain from these resources into practical knowledge that can guide your decision-making and problem-solving as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is indeed a dynamic and ever-changing field, and staying informed and adaptable is essential for long-term success. By curating and revisiting your knowledge base regularly, you can ensure that you are well-equipped to tackle new challenges and seize opportunities as they arise.

Continuous learning and self-improvement are at the core of entrepreneurship, and these articles provide a valuable source of knowledge to support your journey. As you navigate the complexities of the business world, may these insights empower you to make informed choices and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.


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